Friday, January 24, 2014

Style: 2014,The Year Of The Tux

There is absolutely no time like the present, and if there is one an item of clothing I am going to make sure I acquire this year, it is a tuxedo. No, I don't attend any award shows or functions that require a tuxedo, but, just for the sake of owning one, and also covering myself for whenever the need arises. Rather be prepared and not have an opportunity than have an opportunity not be prepared. That's how I'm treating the quest for a tuxedo in 2014. It's just a great feeling just knowing that I will have my own tux for black tie events and I will be able to adhere to the dress code if it calls for it. Black tie is getting some sort of a resurgence of late and this couldn't be a better time to get one.

I had the privilege of attending the Channel O Africa Video Music Awards in November last year and it was a splendid affair. With celebrities, musicians, artists, dancers and performers from all over the African continent. One thing my colleagues and I were not ready for was the black tie dress code which is standard for award shows. So, I suggested to them that since it was too late to go out and buy tuxes, we should just go with the black suits we were issued and just tweak them here and there. I suggested a white shirt and a black neck-tie.

I can't help but feel that the overall outfit exudes a funeral home kind of vibe. In retrospect I should've opted for a black bow tie and a black or patterned pocket square. This would at least have been closer to tuxedo territory. This particular ensemble is comprised of a silk knit tie by T.M. Lewin, black cotton striped socks by Bresciani, a tie bar, a white single barrel Country Road shirt and black whole cuts by Roberto Rosetti, which are my official black tie footwear.

My ideas around a tuxedo vacillate between the winter and summer seasons, however, as a starting point I will definitely go for a standard black one button tuxedo with peak lapels. I'm also all about the details and the right accessories, therefore, I will go with a pleated white shirt in winter with black stud buttons, a cummerbund and a black patterned pocket square. In summer, although ideally, I would love an off white or ivory jacket, I will stick with the black tux but some of the accessories and details will be lighter. I would prefer a white shirt without any pleats but with a hidden placket. The cummerbund will stay and maybe the footwear will also change to a pair of leather slip-ons or penny loafers. In both instances I will not wear a belt, if I can get side tabs added that'll be great. However if I can't then a little alteration to tighten the waist will be in order. There's just something about a clean, minimalist, cool and colourful aesthetic in summer, conversely, winter is great with something textured, layered, dark and warm.

Now, I just need to make it happen and I think I know where to start.

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