Monday, February 24, 2014

Style: Panama Hat

The only piece of headgear I have ever had the confidence in wearing with aplomb has to be a cap. 'Most recently' a fitted cap. Yep, the hip-hop era had me on lock. During those years I used to have a fitted at the back of my car just in case the need to rock it would arise. Now, that I'm onto grown men's style however, I find that my taste has evolved and gravitates towards to more elegant hats. Besides a cap I am not a hat person. Just a single attempt and one look in the mirror in a store and I'm immediately put off by the way it looks.  It's not so much the whole look, it's just the crown. It looks and feels odd when it's on my head. I'm not a fan of a long crown, it just gives me cone head vibes. However, of late, I do feel like I will head into unchartered waters with a Panama hat.

It's light, airy and most importantly keeps the sun and light out. These are the qualities I admire most about it. And it is absolutely essential for summer. It is the perfect accessory with a summer weight suit, think linen, cotton or a pure wool, and because it is so light it means it shouldn't be taken too seriously. Even with a pair of tailored shorts and a fitted shirt it can definitely work.

Authentic Panama hats can fold in a wring like manner and not suffer any creases. My inclination is one with a wide, floppy brim which really shades you from the sun but still works with a casual suit. Even though it comes in a myriad of neutral colours my favourite colour is the off-white or cream white with a black grosgrain band. It's rather functional and will earn style points in bundles. But just like I'm teaching my young sons, no hats indoors.
PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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