Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pick Of The Week: Stacy Adams Dalton Bone Suede Wingtip Blucher

OK, straight off the bat, when I think Stacy Adams, I always recall the scene from 'Baby Boy' where Ving Rhames's character is adorned in a Stacy Adams suit and complemented with the same brand name shoes and he's about to take his girlfriend out dancing. The way he says Stacy Adams is with so much pride and deference it can lead you to seek out this brand and find out what it's about. We have our own brands and menswear stores in the Stacy Adams vein and they are tried and tested for decades. This, however, is one shoe style that is elusive in South Africa. I have never found anything that looks quite like this, with the same or better quality. So stumbling upon this gem was a pleasant surprise because I a also very happy with the price tag of approximately R1000. The brogue detailing, open lacing, genuine leather suede and the textured sole make this shoe the perfect complement to a casual summer ensemble like a light blue or olive green linen suit. It's not garish at all, it's very well balanced; the taupe colour and tan sole allow for it to be dressed up or down. As we bid goodbye to summer, I think this is the perfect way to say 'until next time'. This shoe is also available in other colours that are definitely appropriate for the cool weather. See below:





PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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