Monday, March 24, 2014

Style: Stripes On Stripes In Light

There is absolutely no abate to the hot weather in this part of the country. While other parts are gradually starting to cool, Durban on the other hand is still experiencing high temperatures. And the only way to make it through a 30 degree day, presentably and stylishly, is by adorning yourself in the right, light fabrics. This is what becoes part of every gent's sartorial journey, an interminable lesson in fabrics and materials. The only way I survived was through cotton and linen. I also experimented with the same pattern, pin-stripes.

This navy blue pin striped jacket is 100% linen, and like I have stated before, it's very sturdy and doesn't wrinkle easily. I also like the fact that it is not a too wide or narrow peak lapel, it's balanced just right, that's why I was not averse to mixing in this turquoise cotton knit tie. I used a light pink cotton shirt as a canvass upon which to play around with colours. That's why I also decided to go with this bright pink paisley pocket square. For a size 42R the jacket still fits perfectly and I' quite impressed with the fit around the shoulders. It's got a slightly raised sleeve head which gives it a structured look and feel.

The trousers are a cotton-wool blend, and against the lightness of the jacket, I think they hold up well. They have a mixture of stripes in different colours and this allowed e to play around with a range of colours. The scale in stripes also doesn't become a challenge because this small stripes upon small stripes. There might be a difference in the colours of the two most prominent garments, however, the stripes ensure a continuation and congruence from head to toe.

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