Monday, March 3, 2014

Style: When It Doesn't Fit, It's Time To Let It Go!

My favourite suit is without a doubt one with stripes. The first suit I ever purchased for myself was a dark navy with blue stripes. A suit I am eager to replace after giving it away was a light grey with white stripes. That's just how deep my love for suits with stripes goes. So, it is with some disappointment that I have to let this black pin stripe suit go. It just doesn't fit right anymore. And, it's time I conceded that it is instead wearing me. It feels bigger, looser and longer every time I wear it. When I first bought it, there were minor alterations I had done especially the trousers and the jacket sleeves, however, now is the time to admit that sizing has played a role in us parting.

First of all, the jacket feels incredibly long and the top images evince this because it hangs way down in front and the back. The pool of fabric in the chest and side is just too much to bear because it feels like I'm wearing layers of clothing whereas it's just a shirt and a jacket. The shoulder is the most glaring flaw and it is evident that if a suit doesn't fit correctly on your shoulders then it's definitely going to hang off them, it's also going to feel like falling off the shoulders. This is exactly what I'm showing above. The crumpled fabric hanging off the shoulder and the bulges in the sleeves show that the jacket is too big. Maybe when I bought it I should've sized down to a 40R, but that would've been a bit of a tight fit. I won't even attribute the ill-fit to losing weight, however, it is due to muscle atrophy. My body is not as big and athletic as it used to be. Another problem with a jacket that's too long is that it can shorten the leg. When stripes are supposed to lengthen your frame, in this case I'm sure you'll agree that I look shorter.

For me, a jacket with low arm-holes is a deal breaker. A low arm-hole restricts movement in the arms and chest, and generally spoils the aesthetic of the suit when making any movements with your arms. The armholes on this jacket are quite low and after 5 years of masking them, I just can't hide it anymore. The suit's aesthetic is spoiled and it makes it difficult to wear with confidence. Factors to consider when purchasing a suit therefore are: fit, proportion in relation to your body, armhole placing, sleeve length, length of the skirt and the shoulder construction. These points should be explored in-depth in later posts, but for now try and focus on these.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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