Monday, April 21, 2014

Health And Wellness Week

Welcome to the inaugural Perfect Gentleman Health & Wellness week. This theme has been under consideration for two years, ever since the first series of posts under the Quality Week theme back in 2011. I have a number of questions that pertain to men's health and wellness; questions which I feel a number of gents may be asking as well. These posts are essentially subjective because I am asking questions based on my own experiences, however, these are issues that gents can definitely relate to.

I decided to tackle three issues that have been intriguing to me for many years: the differences between shaving with a razor blade and electric clippers, gold teeth and similar ornaments that people insert into their teeth and, foot care and the myriad ailments that plague men's feet. The greatest lesson I have come to learn when exploring these subjects has been to refrain from being judgmental, especially the post dealing with gold teeth.

So, in my quest to get answers to my inquiries and questions, I reached out to professionals in the men's grooming, dental restoration and podiatry fields, to get them to educate us on the above mentioned issues. I tried my utmost best to broaden my line of questioning so that 'all' gents are accommodated, although, I believe that we can all glean something from the rudimentary information. It's been an invaluable learning experience for me because the answers can be applied to my life and imparted to some of my peers, associates, family and friends. My sincere hope is that gents out there can learn something from these interviews and also apply the knowledge in their lives. 

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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