Monday, April 7, 2014

Style: Worsted Wools And Shades Of Blue

Yesterday we got a taste of some real autumn weather, with an overcast sky and light showers just after midday. And really, with a slight nip in the air the change from cotton to light woollen textures has manifested. I opted for a navy blue jacket made from a wool/ silk blend and the trousers are charcoal worsted wool I've had for 12 years. The trousers have undergone various alterations, including a case where the hem was glued, so as much as I would like to have some cuffs/ turn-ups inserted it won't be possible.
I also had fun playing around with shades of blue. The necktie is predominantly powder blue, the pocket square has a light blue trim and my socks were navy blue with powder blue pin dots. These are not autumn colours because our nature's palette doesn't change at all, however, the fabrics were a warm buffer against the cool weather.
p.s. please excuse the BONAesque setting, that twig hanging in front of me wasn't there when I took the pic.
PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Billy Boy said...

I must be from a lost generation; the one that thinks that brown shoes are for brown suits and black shoes for all others. Unless of course you're a pimp,,, then anything goes. And loafers??? With jeans only... But with a tie,,,,,,Hmmmmmmmm??? If the house was on fire,,,, maybe....