Friday, May 23, 2014

Brands: Vince Camuto 2014 Autumn/ Winter Shoe Range

The most appealing thing about menswear and style is the change in seasons and how a gentleman's is supposed to adapt with the seasonal changes. Even in a sub-tropical climate such as Durban this autumn has been a little colder and that necessitates the need for the correct footwear. What I like is the fact that it's been rainy as well which means that leather soles on your shoes are going to cause you to slip and fall. So, this brings us to the Vince Camuto Autumn/ Winter 2014 shoe range. And they all look like they're built for the colder months. At first glance their texture looks rough, rugged and raw, something that'll complement the coarser, heavier and patterned fabrics of autumn and winter. With the above nine pairs you pretty have your whole cold weather footwear wardrobe covered.

Let's take a quick glance at this range. Well, for starters this it looks like rougher, harder leather, and this makes them ideal for cold weather. The thickness of the leather also makes them quite accommodative of thick wool socks especially the marled version. The heavy broguing is indicative of how these shoes would complement a tweed or flannel suit, jeans or trousers made of moleskin, corduroy or wool. I'm really of the opinion that the cold weather shoe wardrobe is covered in all aspects in this range. The number one important aspect of these shoes is the rubber sole. They look like they are ready to withstand any kind of rainy weather as well because the sole is thick, has better grip to prevent slipping and falling, and the slightly curved toe can prevent damage to the front of the shoe and penetration by water.

As for me, my favourites are the Gabriel black, Sergio tan, and Dario black.

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