Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Style: How I Packed For A Three Day Trip

I recently had the pleasure to go on a quick midweek trip to Botswana and this time I made it my mission to pack appropriately, but most importantly, lightly. I've packed before but not as efficiently, functionally and practically as this. I actually made it a point to go for pieces that would be winter appropriate and interchangeable. I'm extremely apprehensive when it comes to my luggage on planes, therefore, I opt for carry-on luggage because it's safer that way. And now I have definitely found the secret to packing lightly and ensuring that my luggage stays safe.

This is what I packed and I most definitely put a lot of thought into it:

Two grey trousers, light and charcoal
One terracotta corduroy pants
One navy blue blazer
Black cap-toe oxfords
Tan bluchers

Two shirts, red, and light blue gingham
One light grey V-neck jersey
Three pairs of socks
Fleece pants and black V-neck Jockey sleeping tee

The accessories were as follows:

Two belts, black and tan
Three handkerchiefs
Three pocket squares
Two wristwatches
And one toiletry bag.

 If you take away the light grey trousers, the light blue check shirt with a red over-check (not counted in the shirt count), then the size of the load automatically lessens. Everything, pretty much, complemented each other, therefore, I was happy with the outcome and the fact that none of the clothes would go waste. I was definitely going to wear everything. I packed everything in a Cat Apparel duffel bag and I was also able to fit a 17 inch laptop, and there was still space left to fit more things. This is, without a doubt, my go to travel bag.

Exactly 10 minutes after taking the above picture I received a call from the company I was going to do work for and they informed me that I could no longer go on the trip because Botswana doesn't take a temporary passport. So, I packed for nothing but I got something valuable out of the experience. Here's to more trips that I'll be well prepared for.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Fabulously Pink said...

I love this blog even though I am not the best when it comes to men's wear will send my man your link! Love it

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. Please do stop by once again!


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