Saturday, May 17, 2014

Style: Style And Fashion During The 2014 NBA Playoffs

Blake Griffin in all slim everything

The Perfect Gentleman blog is incomplete without a post about NBA fashion. At heart I'm a baller, so it's just a natural progression to, every now and then, show the game of basketball a little love. I think I missed the memo regarding the relaxing of the dress code in the NBA. For many years a suit and tie was mandatory, when the change occurred is what I am trying to determine. A suit is scarce, instead, players have opted for smart casual ensembles which are both presentable and also very trendy and fashion forward. So, courtesy of Sports Illustrated, this is a look at some of the style players are exhibiting in the playoffs. And, just for the record, I' riding with the San Antonio Spurs all the way to the championship.

Chris Paul in a khaki truck jacket.

Damian Lillard, simple yet effective, navy suit and burnished oxfords.

Omri Casspi, I'd say great proportion for a big guy despite the flawed buttoning.

Steph Curry, too adventurous thus incoherent; and that jacket material!

Andre Iguodala, shades of grey.

Caron Butler in a blue power suit and floral tie.

Those pants, worn by Chandler Parsons, are quite trendy.

The best dressed big man in all of sports, Chris Bosh.

I think the day Kobe Bryant calls it a day that's when Derek Fisher will also.

Three piece magic by Dorell Wright.

Great effort but incoherent colour choices by Draymond Green.

No one is more of a fashion victim than Dwyane Wade.

Skills in proportion by Dwight Howard.

Harrison Barnes in a novice styling but very presentable at the same time.

League MVP Kevin Durant in that blue power again.

LeBron James, cool casual.

Mike Conley, rocker style and the hat with a wooden brim.

Monta Ellis, you'd think he was drafted in 98 and not 2005.

No matter how tall you are there'll always be something for you. Roy Hibbert can take some lessons from Chris Bosh.

Truly in a league of his own, Russell Westbrook's style is unrelenting and very consistent.

Another big man, Serge Ibaka, keeping it casually cool.

Are there still players who come through the JUCO ranks like Shawn Marion?

Thabo Sefolosha dressed down in a jacket and graphic tee.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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