Monday, May 19, 2014

Style: Pattern Mixing And Wools

There is a lot of truth in the statement that if you learn the basics of style, menswear and dressing presentably, and after unrelenting practice, everything will come easy and effortlessly to you thereafter. Pattern mixing is one such area that I have come to manifest without any challenges. I almost completely forgot about this jacket. It is a navy, frame stripe, wool/poly mix, which somehow slipped my mind. I was just about reaching for my navy double breasted jacket when my eye caught it. From there it was a wrap. I combined the jacket with a 100% silk large stripe tie and a hairline stripe shirt. It is pattern mixing coherence at its best because all three patterns differ in size. From a distance the shirt looks solid but upon closer inspection it is a very fine hairline stripe.

On the lower extremities I went with these sapphire blue trousers which are part of a suit (I have posted about before), I hope to be posting about how I have remixed this very suit in the near future. These trousers are at their most comfortable right now. I had them altered at the waist, as alluded in the previous post, and the seat was too tight. Whenever I would walk there would be intense pulling in the crotch and between the thighs. However, this time around, they felt very comfortable, with no pulling in the crotch or wedging up the thighs. The length is perfect because they rest on the shoe, there is no ankle showing even when walking; it is colder after all. Even the tapering of the hem is to my satisfaction.

Just a few points of interest about the jacket: I bought it off the rack and I am quite impressed with its construction. It is a two button, and the first thing you notice is how deep the V is. For an off the rack that is  rare. It features a single vent and...high arm holes. I am very impressed. It is a size 40R and that means it fits well on the shoulders and drapes comfortably across the chest. I'm not too picky about the fabric; it's serviceable for a not so cold autumn.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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