Monday, May 26, 2014

Style: Shades Of Navy Blue

I am really loving the autumn weather because it doesn't necessitate layering up, however, it allows me to dress in heavier fabrics and rougher textures. It's great knowing that certain articles of clothing are relegated for certain times of the year. Like this dark navy blue double breasted jacket by Pierre Cardin, it could never fly in summer because it's really heavy. I feel the weight on my shoulders and the drape across the chest. So, it's very appropriate for autumn and winter. And being in a coastal city with sub-tropical climate, it makes sense that a jacket will suffice in both form and function as opposed to layering up in a three piece suit or an odd waistcoat. I'm still a sucker for double breasted jackets and I intend, and should get more.

There's just something rewarding about taking care of your clothes. Old clothes that have been well maintained have a beautiful story to tell. I have had these trousers, also in a dark navy blue, with wide rice stripes since 2007/8, I just can't remember clearly, but they have really stood the test of time. They have been through waist, length and hem alterations. They were even glued at the hem after the turn-ups were taken out, and now they have been fully restored. I'm quite fond of and enjoy wearing them. The slight itchiness inside suggests that there could be some polyester but I surmise that they are mostly wool. On cold days they really play the part of being a warm and insulating layer. Many a times I read how some gents try to figure out if there are rules to dress. Yes, there are, however, since men's fashion and menswear have advanced, the rules that once governed the way we dress have somewhat fallen away and style has largely become subjective. Very personal. This brings me to my point about these exact trousers. I suppose I could wear them with a slimmer taper, turn-ups, and a higher hem, however, I'm very comfortable with them this way. They have a full trouser break, a longer hem and a looser fit around the thighs, throughout the leg. I wear most of my winter dress trousers this way, just for an added element of comfort and warmth. So, to other gents out there who are still trying to find their way around a new found sense of style, develop your own way around fit, however, paying attention to the rules is a great place to start.

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