Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brands: Suit Supply

Well, the South African menswear landscape has been shaken with the launch of venerable and influential menswear brand Suit Supply. The launch takes place this week and the store couldn't be better located than in Hyde Park, Sandton. I'm excited about this because from a quality perspective it means that South African brands are going to be forced to step up their game. I feel that some brands produce low quality stuff which is unreasonably expensive and this is somewhat exploitative because consumers aren't informed. The quality of the garments is also going to start channeling men's focus towards quality rather than quantity. 

Blue Check Havana

This is bold new suiting at its best. I love the fact that they offer both off-the-rack and made-to-measure options, which means that gents with either preference are covered. For the style conscious gent big, bold windowpane suits, double breasted waistcoats and Italian fabrics are part of his daily life, however, the novice is assured of comfort, relaxation and ease because Suit Supply is a learning experience and not only a one time thing.

Grey Lazio Three Piece

In terms of competition, Suit Supply will go up against brands such as T.M. Lewin and other international brands which are in the same price range, this will also impact on other South African brands. Suit Supply is very much talked about internationally and it's going to be interesting to see whether it holds up to its international reputation. I definitely plan on visiting the new operation in the coming weeks, so watch out for a full store review.

Grey Lazio Check

These are exciting times indeed.

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