Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pick Of The Week: Levi's Navy Mac Trench Coat

Ever since the inception of themed posts, under the Pick of the Week, I don't think I have ever featured anything other than shoes. This week's pick is a wonderful change because it is just what a style enthusiast like me needs; a navy mac trench. A mackintosh coat is an essential in any wardrobe because of its form and relevance of function. It looks good, alright, but it also does a great of job shielding one from the wet elements.

This particular Mackintosh Trench is by Levi's and it straddles two lanes deftly. Firstly, it embodies all the mackintosh coat details: the slim silhouette, hidden placket, single vent and a sturdy collar that can be popped. Then there are some trench coat details as well, namely: the reverse side pockets with buttons and the straps on the cuffs with button detailing. One more thing on the mac side of things, it ends at the middle of the thigh thus making it suitable to wear as outerwear, even over a suit. It also boasts a three- layer water repellent breathable fabric. 

Since Runway Sale is offering it on sale, I am very happy to announce that it has been slashed from R3500 to R1749. It is really affordable and the navy colour is a great starting point when looking to invest in versatile outerwear.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation. 

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