Saturday, June 28, 2014

Style: Fashion And Style At The 2014 NBA Draft

Andrew Wiggins - It appears that every once in a while the number draft pick has to come out in something bold and attention grabbing; this was it. Going sockless was ill-advised though.

Well, the 2014 NBA Draft has come and gone and there some surprises for me. I didn't expect Elfrid Payton Jr to go so high at number 10. It was also perplexing how the Sixers could draft Joel Embiid, the Cameroonian big man, at number three, considering the fact he is currently out with a foot injury which could take up to 12 months to heal. Doesn't make sense to me, especially after the whole Andrew Bynum debacle, Nerlens Noel as well, Royce White...I'm sure you get the picture. Most importantly we should be happy that the style of the 90s, ballers with 5/ 6 button suits, is long gone but not forgotten. This year's crop of young fashionable gents held it down in conservative, edgy, trendy, fashion forward, and safe looks. A few things stood out for me with each pick and this is my take on things.

Jabari Parker - That brand Jordan tie bar.

Marcus Smart - Midnight blue shawl collar tux jacket.

Shabazz Napier - Very safe, all greyed out look.

Tyler Ennis - Double breasted, double stripe suit with brown buttons.

Aaron Gordon - Monogrammed shirt.

Adreian Payne - This is straight-up 70s fly; big, bold, rounded bow-tie, colourful pocket square, violet trousers and the matching boutonniere. It doesn't get more colourful than this.

Julius Randle - Colour coordinated pocket square and boutonniere.

Dario Saric - Patterned shirt, bow-tie and beltless.

Nik Stauskas - Big, bold, peak lapel windowpane.

Noah Vonleh - Contrast colour shirt matching with the pocket square.

T.J. Warren - Matching details; contrast collar shirt with matching tie, and red candy stripe matching with red sleeve buttons and lapel stitch.

Elfrid Payton Jr - Safe, conservative double breasted look.

And in the most touching moment of the evening a projected pick, Isaiah Austin of Baylor University, received an honourary selection from commissioner Adam Silver. He suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder, which precludes him from playing competitive basketball. How he played at the collegiate level and actually came within a draft pick of playing in the NBA is a testament of his strength, determination and willpower.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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