Monday, June 16, 2014

Style: Basketball and Style


So, God has blessed me immensely, I take absolutely no credit for all the good things happening in my life. It is all the good Lord's doing. This video is just a teaser about my upcoming profile as a SuperSport basketball commentator and analyst. This is something I am doing on the side and what I enjoy most about it, is that I get to channel my creativity and energy into something I love. Forget being on TV, that's awesome, but being able to access peoples' homes and communicate and regale them with the game of basketball is an indescribable feeling. Prior to season 2, my director of basketball at SuperSport informed me that he would be coming down to Durban to shoot a profile on me. The whole concept revolved around my interest in the game and how far I've come. This was also an opportunity for me to speak and showcase something about my other passion: menswear and style. The video was shot on location at Durban's Suncoast and Towers Hotel. I also received a pair of Jordan 1s and a hoodie sponsored by Shesha Lifestyle. Since basketball is the epicentre of a confluence of sporting and popular cultures and other sub-genres, our whole approach is to incorporate and showcase a cross section of basketball as a cultural and lifestyle movement.

This has also expedited something that I thought would take longer than I expected: Perfect Gentleman TV. Even though this is sports related, I am also getting an opportunity to showcase my style and the platform I use to express it, which is this blog. I am not a stylist, but, my colleagues ask for styling tips and suggestions on anything related to our on-air appearances. Our director also wanted us to try the sneakers with suits look, something I approached with ambivalence. After a weekend in suits and J's, however, I am sold on the idea. I just need to invest in more Jordan's or get a sponsor, but, the suit and sneakers look isn't garish at all. Especially if you know how to wear them. Fit is key, it's the make or break factor. There are many more things in store, especially for this blog, and being in Johannesburg every now and then aids in this journey. I am just grateful for such a unique opportunity. I hope you enjoy the little visuals presented in the video.

I would also like to give a big shout out and word of gratitude to Shesha Lifestyle for the Jordan gear. The last time I wore Jordan's I was still at university playing on the basketball team. Thanks for taking me back in a good way.

My colleagues and I shooting links for Courtside, a basketball magazine show. On the left KP Ndlovu wearing the Barcelona Jordan's and Quintin Denyssen in the Oreos. That's me in a suit and a grey henley; we are pushing and aiming to revolutionise menswear in broadcasting, especially sports.

You can catch us on SuperSport channel 210/ SuperSport Select on Friday evenings from 17:45 and Sunday afternoons from 12:45.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Ackie Nomqhele Ndlovu said...

Aaah man! What an exciting journey! Loving the video and the sneakers. All the best Mgonelo! Great Stuff. Still loving the blog.