Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pick of the Week: Brooksfield Cardif Melton Camel Overcoat

Courtesy of Spree, this week's pick of the week is something very trendy nowadays: a camel overcoat. I had a moment of clarity not too long ago. I was having a conversation with an old lady and I said to her that I didn't understand why some people were wearing t-shirts and sole layers when it is the middle of winter. Even though in a sub-tropical region the mornings are quite chilly. She responded with one statement, that some people simply don't have anything warm to wear. That's the stark reality which was very sobering to me. This camel overcoat by Brooksfield would be a timely purchase for any gent because it is a classic outerwear piece. Versatile enough to complement both business and casual ensembles it lends itself to a litany of combinations which makes it more than a winter essential. It's currently on sale on Spree for R970 marked down from R1299.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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