Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Style: The Navy Suit Broken Up

Ever since I received this navy blue suit with a micro windowpane check I have tried to wear it in many different ways. This is one thing I've learned about a suit and versatility; you've got to be able to break it up and wear the two or three pieces as separates. So, the first look I tried with the navy suit was to wear the jacket with a pair of neutral chinos and a light blue gingham shirt.

The one thing that works instantly with this pairing are the fabric of the jacket and the chinos. The jacket is 100% wool, which is very light and makes it a very suitable candidate as a four season suit in Durban. The chinos are cotton and therefore in terms of texture there is congruence. The slight aberration, unnoticeable for that matter, is in the fact that the jacket styling is very formal and therefore it makes it difficult to wear the jacket as a casual piece. The discerning eye will definitely spot this inconsistency. For me it's not make or break because everything else flows especially in terms of fit and proportion. If the jacket had patch pockets and other features like elbow patches then it could definitely be worn as a casual separate all the time, even with jeans. Right now, I suppose I'm hoping to roll incognito before the purists call me out.

It's a casual ensemble therefore everything else had to be in line with the theme; brown tassel loafers and a brown D-ring belt.

What's good for the jacket is sure enough good for the trousers; this is another casual ensemble. This time I decided to wear the trousers separate and complemented them with a host of casual pieces and accessories.

I decided to go with a mini windowpane button down check shirt, a CAT Apparel denim jacket and brown woven belt.

Apart from the versatility of a suit especially a navy one, to go the extra mile in terms of styling and combinations, make sure the fit and proportion are on point. If you can do that then you can pretty much get away with anything, even the suit as a whole without anything under the jacket like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang.

Once again, besides the formal design of the trousers, I think the ensemble is fairly congruent because everything fits and in proportion. 

One last combination I tried was a a brown waistcoat with a subtle plaid pattern, a burgundy/ claret quilted jacket, and a light blue double cuff shirt and the navy trousers. This combination is almost all formal except for the quilted jacket which I wore as outerwear. 

I think I also erred in not wearing a tie because it looks like I took it off after work or something like that. A necktie would've added an air of seriousness coupled with creativity and playfulness. A necktie would've been the one piece to add gravitas to the ensemble and draw attention to the right points as well.

Ultimately, this suit or any well proportioned suit can be worn in myriad ways. I'm not done with this one because summer's still coming and as I alluded earlier, it is quite a lightweight suit. I'm sure I could even go for a white or grey T-shirt and some canvas sneakers. The combinations are endless.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brands: The Pavilion Fashion Capital: Superga + T.M. Lewin

Day 8 & 9 of the Pavilion Fashion Capital Campaign is Italian casualness and the London High street. When stylish worlds collide it can only engender a beautiful, modern and classic aesthetic. What appeals to me most about these two brands is that they are decidedly Italian and British however they have world wide appeal and presence. They are both available at the Pavilion and you can definitely make a statement in one or both of them combined.

The Milanese do sprezzatura the best and you better believe that they combine their linen and cotton suits in summer with Superga sneakers. And their range of colours and combinations make it so easy to incorporate into any look. T.M. Lewin epitomises the British high street and how British men's style is at the fore front of the menswear world. The suits are all business but the accessories create the perfect marriage with Superga sneakers. With T.M. Lewin you can't wrong when you want the business look and this is no better way to start. Experience Milan and the high street at the Pavilion before you go there for real!

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brands: The Pavilion Fashion Capital + Levi's

The Pavilion Fashion Capital Summer Campaign is in full swing and today's fashion brand found at the Pavilion Mall is the venerable Levi's store. Purveyor of authentic Americana denim products, particularly its jeans. You'd want to take part in this stage of the campaign simply because which style enthusiast doesn't want to be identified with a brand like Levi's? 

In order to enter all you have to do is take a picture of the image above which is located within the vicinity of the Levi's at the Pavilion and upload on social media sites Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, tag the Pavilion on @ThePavSA and also use the hashtags #LovePav #LovePavFashion. All this puts you in line to win a R200 rand voucher to spend at the Pavilion.

So, get moving to the Pavilion and most importantly, spread the word to all Durban people.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cut 'n Sew: Heels And Soles Repaired

The last time I posited about this burgundy oxford, I was enquiring as to whether the sole, that was coming off at the time, could be fully repaired. I was able to get the heel fixed however the rest of the sole just couldn't be fixed. I'm inclined to think that the 'cobbler' was inexperienced in this kind of work because the soles were just glued with normal rubber glue. Suffice to say, the glue started coming off within a few days.
The main problem was the leather sole peeling off and therefore exposing the weak construction of the shoe. Shoes that are manufactured and bonded with glue will fall apart sooner or later. As opposed to shoes with a semblance of welt stitching, they will last longer especially if made of quality materials.
This is one of my favourite pair of shoes and repairing the soles and restoring has been a goal for quite some time. On one my weekend trips to Joburg, a few months ago, I decided to take the shoes to a place called Levingers; a dry clean, tailoring and alterations and shoe repair shop. After consulting with the shoe repairer, he explained the whole process to me and how long it would take. The above image shows the shoes after repair. The leather has been taken out completely and replaced with a Phillips rubber sole. The thick rubber heel has also been replaced with a slimmer, lighter version. I have to admit that the rubber sole has added a little bit of weight to the shoe, however, I don't think this'll stop me from wearing them in summer. The sole has been reinforced and there are no visible spaces between the layers of the sole. It cost me R650 to have them repaired; that's the price of a decent pair of Barker's or Bishop's.
I am happy with the outcome and I think I'll be able to wear them for another five years.
PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pick Of The Week: Ellesse Navy Giovanelli Jumper

Gone are the days of plain, solid colour sweaters because the menswear movement has ventured into all kinds of exuberant and colourful designs. We're also into spring and it might be a tad too late for a jumper in this dark shade, however, its design and tri-colour trim is what makes it stand out as a casual piece for transitioning between seasons. It's casual and playful therefore any form of neck wear should be worn in moderation. It's also superb and forms a wonderful complementary piece with various shades of colourful spring chinos. Made of cotton and acrylic, I say it's light enough for spring even though the colour is a little dark.

It's available at Runway Sale and it is offered in four sizes from small to extra large. It's also been reduced from R480 to R269; that's what I call affordable style.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brands: The Pavilion Fashion Capital Summer 2014

Happy Spring to you all. I'd be remiss however if I forget to shout out those transitioning into autumn. To resume the blogging grind after a month long break is an opportunity to introduce a few things that are hot and happening in Durban right now. One of them, the Pavilion Shopping Mall, and its imminent Fashion Capital Summer Campaign 2014. I have been selected as one of the Durban bloggers who will be pushing, running and activating this campaign. I am surrounded by beautiful company as well because my fellow campaigners are Ackie Ndlovu, Candice Basnett, Nontobeko Nakin and Kerry Heathfield. Yep, I am definitely a thorn among the roses. This campaign is really simple, you have to snap up a picture of a particular item/ garment, etc and try to link it to the particular store where it can be found at the Pavilion. There are vouchers and other prizes to be won which I will reveal in due course. But for now you can visit for more information. If you would like to read the Pavilion Fashion Capital Summer catalogue where my fellow bloggers and I have been interviewed you can click here.

In order to interact with us on our blogs and various other social media please use the hashtags #LovePav and #LovePavFashion, tag the Pavilion at @ThePavSA and on instagram thepavilionsa.

This campaign is going to be great and serviceable to Durban people. So Durbanites please spread the word.

Man to man, generation to generation.