Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pick Of The Week: The Chino Suit By Combatant Gentlemen

Slim Fit Chino Suit $140

A cotton suit is a soothing alternative to the typically dry, firm feeling of wool. Now it's time to transition to a cotton suit which will work in both business and casual settings. Allow me then to point you in the right direction. I've posited a little bit about Combatant Gentlemen when I did a review of their windowpane shirt and this time I'd like to nominate their khaki/ navy cotton chino suit as this week's pick of the week. I couldn't think of a better choice other than the proverbial footwear that always seems to be in the spotlight. I really like the fact that they've introduced these suits in neutral colours which makes them versatile with endless options at your disposal. The khaki suit may not be business but it's definitely spring wedding ready, conversely, the navy suit is all business and more. And let's not forget that as temperatures start rising you need an alternative to the wool, flannel and tweed suits you've been wearing throughout winter and these two suits are exactly what an image conscious gent ordered. 

The specifications I picked up from the website are as follows and I have listed them as pros and cons:


·  100% Italian Cotton
·  2 Button Jacket Closure w/ non-functional buttons on the sleeve
·  Flat Front Pants
·  Dry Clean Only
·  36" inseam, unhemmed
·  Soft shoulders
·  Double-vented jacket
·  Half-canvassed jacket
·  Notch lapel
·  Pick stitching
·  3 interior pockets


·  Poly/Rayon Blend Lining
·  Lining: 60/40 viscose and rayon blend
·  Non-functioning buttonholes on jacket
·  Pants are lined to the knee for enhanced comfort
·  Slim fit

At a glance, I'd say that the Combatant Gentlemen chino suit is an affordable suit that will serve many functions and will work in many settings. It's definitely stylish as well and as a spring suit it would make a great choice. Extra points to the gent who buys both at once.

                                    PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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