Monday, October 13, 2014

Style: Can You Stand The Rain?

I remember a scene from the Steve Harvey where he posed a question to his class where he asked,
 "who was Christopher Columbus?". After much commotion, Sarah, a learner, responds rather ignorantly and says "Columbus was a TV detective with a cigar and trench coat". You know who she was referring to, right? Well due to the rainy weather we've been  experiencing to mark the beginning of spring, I finally got an opportunity to break the Strellson trench coat. Yes, I did try it on when I bought it but I wasn't ready for the perfect fit it would show when I wore it with a suit. On a rainy day last week I definitely felt confident enough to rock it.

I'm a happy customer. I am happy with the fit throughout the body, the length is perfect as well because it hits just a smidgen above the knee, the sleeves are long enough and in relation to shirt and jacket sleeve, the coat sleeves allow for both to show. The belt and buttoning fit right in as well. I'm glad that I didn't have to take it in for any kind of alterations.

As stated before this trench coat is very light and although it was rainy and chilly, it added a touch of warmth as well. The collar stands quite rigidly and does a good job of protecting the neck. One thing I did miss mentioning about this coat is that it has a small top button on the lapel and a 
 button hole on the opposite lapel to give it complete closure. Almost like an English hunting collar on tweed jackets.

I can definitely stand the rain in this trench coat because it fulfills all its functions, most impressive is that it is waterproof and in the light, unrelenting rain we experience in Durban I know I'll be dry.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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