Monday, October 20, 2014

Style: Men's Denim 101

I've had questions relating to denim for a long time, and it's being one question upon another because of the things I was discovering about denim. For instance I was under the impression that jeans and denim are the same. Only to find that a jean is a style or design of pants and then denim is the actual fabric. So there is a difference. Then things got a little more complicated with something called selvedge denim because during the earlier years of this blog selvedge denim was all the rage. I wanted to know more about it but I just didn't do the research because to me a pair of denim jeans is just that. Rue La La has recently launched a guide to men's denim. The guide provides information on everything from cut, color and washes of the classic wardrobe staple. I obliged because this is an opportune time for this type of post and the fact that it has immense educational value. Therefore without further delay I will let them take it away. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

                                Read more about denim trends on the Rue La La blog, The (Style) Guide.

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