Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Style: The Spring Essential: The Trench Coat

While most of the country is experiencing high temperatures, Durban has been cool for the most part. And now that spring is upon us, for people on the KwaZulu-Natal coast that means we will be experiencing wet weather for most of the season, right into summer. I've always wanted a trench coat but I just couldn't find the right design and fit until I made a trip to Benoni and found a coat shop that would be an outerwear enthusiast's dream. When I started searching and digging one of the wares I came away with was this stone trench by Strellson.

It features three buttons, a wrap-around belt, a middle vent and inner pockets. It also has a high collar and a D-ring buckle. Whereas trench coats are historically double breasted, this one is single breasted. Some of my research also revealed that trench coats were originally invented by Burberry's uniform department as a waterproof military coat for wear in the trenches during war sitatuations. This one doesn't have all the traditional features of a trench coat like high flaps which fasten across the chest but it definitely serves the function of shielding me from the rain and keeping me dry. Trench coats are traditionally made of woven cotton garbadine to make them water proof. This one is made of a blend of polyester and wool, it is waterproof, it's light, however, it does make me a little apprehensive at wearing in heavy rain or constant rain because it means it might become heavy.

You would expect a brand like Strellson to produce something from superior fabrics but this proves that we sometimes pay for the name and not the craftsmanship. The one enduring quality about a trench is that its supposed to be light enough not to weigh you down and waterproof to keep you dry. This one in my opinion has passed the test.

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