Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Brands: #PavFestive

It's competition time once again and the one and only Pavilion Shopping Mall in Durban is giving shoppers a unique chance to play the #SantaSlide game in order to get a chance to win a voucher which is redeemable at any of the participating stores or can be used to buy something else at another store. All you need to do is click this link which will reveal the #SantaSlide comprising 25 blocks representing each of the prizes which can be redeemed with a voucher. You can then click on the 'Let's Play' block with the Pav mascot reindeer and it will then move you to a block which will reveal a product from one of the stores at the Pavilion. You have the option to share the product by suggesting and sending it to someone else or you can pass and opt for another block. It's fairly easy and straight forward and I will be sharing a store and product with you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Let's Play.

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