Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pick of the Week: Ellesse Sadeler Tee's

It might be rainy, but, it's that sizzling and simmering summer rain. The morning's might be cool but the mercury starts rising by 9am and by midday it's full on heat. Even if it's an overcast day the heat and the sun's rays find a way to protrude to give us a foretaste what's to come in summer. For me, no music video is relevant and apt like Carl Thomas's 'Summer Rain', do you remember that? So how do counter the heat in a stylish but extremely casual manner? You dress up in this turquoise or navy blue striped tee with a chest pocket by Ellesse available at Runway Sale

Both these tees give you casually dressed up or dressed down options. The electric blue tee (I think it's turquoise) is very suitable to be paired with a navy blue cotton or linen suit and then accessorised with tan loafers or beige espadrilles. The navy blue tee would look good paired with a khaki cotton or linen suit complemented with white sneakers. There is a variety of combinations...they seem infinite. You can break up the khaki or navy suit and pair them with the tees, using both the pants or jackets as the foundation pieces. Ultimately, these tees require creativity and a keen eye if they're going to live up to their versatile potential. It's up to the discerning gent to realise this potential and experiment accordingly. This Italian brand which is venerated for casual wear is crafting affordable but stylish casual pieces, and these tees are no different; they are affordably priced at R139. Now, go forth into summer because there are no excuses for looking shabby.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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