Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pick of the Week: Lucky Brand Men's Blue Reynolds Solid Linen Shirt

This is a timely pick of the week because style conscious gentlemen are looking for a way o stay stylishly cool in this unbearable heat. This is a starting point: the blue Reynolds solid linen shirt by Lucky Brand. Lucky Brand also has a presence in South Africa therefore I'm sure you'll find this or something similar in their in-store catalogue. The only way to dress presentably and stylishly this summer or during the hot months is by wearing light, breathable fabrics. Layering becomes bearable as well because the layers are light.

This particular shirt is probably a safe choice. It's solid, light blue and in a tailored fit. It makes it easier to wear with a casual suit or a pair of chinos, jeans or shorts. Linen is just that versatile and allows for a lot of experimentation. All those outdoor summer events; this is the kin of shirt to wear.

This shirt boasts a fine textured finish, a spread collar and button-up placket. It also has a single button-flap chest pocket, and this is in keeping with its casual design. It is still available from Runway Sale and priced down to R429 from R950. I'd say it's a bargain considering the time of the year we are in, a gent can afford to splurge.
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