Friday, March 6, 2015

Brands: Combatant Gentlemen Maroon V-Neck Cotton-Cashmere Sweater

The last few months have been incredibly hot and that precluded me from trying out this V-neck sweater from Combatant Gentlemen, yesterday I finally got an opportunity to wear it and I was quite impressed with the first test. We should be thinking about autumn now anyway, so I don't think the maroon colour is not in accordance with the impending season. What is most striking about this garment from the get-go is how light it is. It is super light. If a boxer were to go for a weigh-in with this sweater draped on his shoulders it wouldn't add any extra weight. That's how confident I am of it. I think it's also appropriate for sub-tropical weather like ours.

                                               Maroon V-Neck Cotton-Cashmere Sweater $45

It is made of a cotton-cashmere blend and this is evinced in how smooth and supple it is. In fact it is 85% Indian cashmere and 15% Indian cotton. I think it's a marvelous blend of natural fibres which puts the sweater's quality quite high. I've had it for more than six months and during this time it was folded in my wardrobe and after retrieving it, it required brief steaming in the shower to get rid of wrinkles and then it was time to rock and roll. One thing I agree with when it comes to knit wear is don't hang it because the hangers will affect the shape and structure of the shoulders and the drape across and along the body. I can also attest to the slim cut through the waist which gives it a great fit throughout the torso.

I don't think it can stand rough handling because even the stitching is quite delicate. I noticed that the label at the back of the neck was loose on one side which means that the stitching is not good. Perhaps this is a one time issue which needs to be interrogated at the quality control stage. Overall though, I think it's a solid garment and as ambitious as Combatant Gentlemen is, I know it will only get better with time.

                                             PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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