Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Style: 40 Suits & 40 Ways To Wear Them

I don't buy nor read GQ magazine anymore. I do read the South African publication, but the US version just doesn't do it for me. It's hard to decipher just what GQ is peddling and most of the style and menswear articles are overshadowed and eclipsed by sex-training-sports-technology-cooking-comedy-hormones-raging-macho-man type articles, and this has taken the interest out of reading it. Ask any classic menswear aficionado and they'll tell you how they harken back to the days when this magazine was a menswear staple and a must read for any style conscious gent.

That aside, while browsing through GQ.com I came across this rather incredibly innovative and practical gif-like video showcasing the versatility of a suit. There's very little difference between a suit jacket and a blazer and this video illustrates that point quite vividly; It's in how the rest of your suit is dressed up, down or borken up into separates that rules can be broken, lanes straddled and lines blurred. What stands out for me is how the looks go from work to play so easily. Dressing down a suit is a 'science' on its own and in some instances it requires more than just removing your tie and unbuttoning your shirt collar. Two things I took from this presentation: Buy a suit that offers you the option to wear it as separates and, when buying a suit try to envision how you can maximise its use.

                                           PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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