Monday, April 13, 2015

Style: This Autumn Consider The Trouser Waistcoat Combo

Even though the days have become a little cooler and the nights are slightly chilly it doesn't mean that you should get the heavy artillery out just yet. I got a 'shock' last week when, one morning, I saw people in warm outerwear, boots and scarves. I saw one gent wearing a navy blue velvet jacket and I thought it's way too early to be wearing thick, heavy and warm fabrics. What I would like gents to consider as an early autumn combination is the matching trouser and waistcoat. Usually the go to garment for cool weather and dropping temperatures is something with long sleeves, maybe a sweater, jacket or cardigan, however, I would like to suggest that a waistcoat, especially as part of a suit, can be equally effective both stylistically and functionally. There's really no need for a sweater, jacket or cardigan.

Even though this combination is slightly less formal it is still office and business appropriate, and it's immensely aesthetically pleasing than a simple shirt and tie. A matching trouser and waistcoat is also better looking than a matching trouser and sweater. The latter can be quite bland, lacking in creativity and, unsophisticated. It also doesn't look like it's incomplete, whereas a trouser, sweater and tie combination seems like it's missing another garment.

It has taken me a long time to warm up to a waistcoat with lapels. I'm inclined to think that the layering can be quite bulky when a jacket is added. A starting point, however, is definitely a waistcoat with lapels because it exudes a dressier look and it imitates a jacket in some ways. Because it's not exactly cold out, a fabric I  suggest is a 100% pure wool which is breathable. As it gets colder you can then opt for worsted wools, flannel and corduroy.

For now, try this combination, it's fail proof.

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