Monday, May 11, 2015

Style: Spring/ Summer Suit In Autumn

One of the advantages of living in a region with sub-tropical climate is that you can pretty much wear the same fabrics throughout the year. I've said it before that Durban rarely gets cold, and when it does, a simple and warm layer on top does the trick. Yesterday was just one of those days; clear sky, sunny, warm with a light breeze. Perfect weather for a light-weight suit.

This is a light grey 100% wool (Super 130s) suit. The difference with other wool suits I have is that this one is extremely light and very breathable (hm...this reminds me of a time I said that polyester is breathable). I could literally feel the breeze blow right through the suit; it is so light I'm willing to concede that it is more casual than formal. So, in summer I will probably wear it with just a shirt, golfer/ polo, or a henley or T-shirt. It's a lot more fitted and slim throughout the body and the trousers throughout the leg as well.

I don't know if this surprises anyone else but, I am always incredulous at the quality of certain fabrics. How a fabric will appear solid from afar but then up close it is patterned; that always gets me, every time. This suit might appear solid grey but up close it is a micro houndstooth. The above picture doesn't do it justice. But it's just one of its features that I really like. The brown buttons and the deep V on the button stance is what makes it so appropriate for the warmer months. I like a deep V because it allows the necktie to be shown off and that also compliments one's waistline as well.

I never used to like flat front trousers however I've grown to appreciate them and how they form a clean line from the waist down. These trousers might seem high waisted but they're not. I just seem to have found a comfortable way of wearing them and that included adding this brown woven belt to keep them at the waist.

It's an off-the-rack suit and I can't wait until spring/ summer when I can really give it a run. It's not serious at all therefore it's going to require a lot of creative thinking in order to extract maximum wearability. I'm impressed though because I'm sure it'll appeal to a lot of gents who are into slim fitting suits.

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