Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Style: Three More Ways To Wear The Olive Green Linen Suit

This suit is really a joy to wear and I love how versatile it is. And the fact that it's linen makes it all the more practical and wearable in hot, humid weather. So, over a period of a month I managed to wear it about four times with different combinations. A caveat is that olive green, especially in this dark shade, doesn't work well or complement a dark complexion. Now with that in mind, I must say that I liked how all of these looks came out.

Just a simple light/ sky blue shirt and an orange tie contrasts well with this dark suit. A single cuff shirt is cool for summer because a double cuff with cufflinks is a little restrictive and a tad heavy. I have become very fond of single cuff shirts.

The pocket handkerchief is a silk piece with a paisley pattern with shades of pink, navy and orange. It works very well with this dark suit; and the pink and orange complement each other.

A navy striped shirt, a solid navy tie and almond brogues all make this look serious but fun.

I think I also appreciate the deep V created by the low button stance and I think we already have an idea that navy blue also complements olive green quite well. 

Attention to detail is imperative: shirt cuff visible, wide spread collar shirt, tie dimple, stuff and fluff pocket square, and wrinkles on the jacket sleeve characteristic of linen.

I tried a white tv fold pocket square and it didn't come out right. It looked very untidy because the jacket couldn't hold it in place. Once I changed the colour and fold everything worked seamslessly. Linen is a very casual fabric so wear and accessorise in  care-free manner.

One of my favourite jackets (although the single vent irks me) worn with the trousers in a casual manner. I opted to keep the shoes just to maintain a serious vibe with the outfit. Since it's cotton and two button I thought it would work well with the linen trousers.

The trousers have undergone some altertaions; waist reduced, leg and opening tapered, and turn-ups inserted. I also had a single pleat inserted because the waist was too big, so much so that any more alterations would've thrown the waist off balance.

This shirt is much darker than it appears. It has dark navy hairline stripes and I think it broke the solid monotony of the trousers and the jacket. A sturdy collar buttressed by collar stays ensures that the collar stays upright holding its own against the collar of the jacket.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


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