Friday, June 10, 2016

Brands: Daniel Wellington

I'll always remember the first watch my father bought for me. I was in standard 1 (1987) and it was a simple silver digital watch with a latch on strap. In 1988 he upgraded me to a dress watch which he bought for me on a trip to the US. Over the years he has gifted me with timepieces that I have used as reference points whenever I have purchased a watch for myself. To date however, I can honestly say that my latest acquisition is my best one yet.

It is the Daniel Wellington Dapper Reading 38mm watch. The Daniel Wellington story is rich in inspiration regarding its genesis and how far it has come as a brand. I've only worn it once but I love it, and it's a beautiful addition to my rotation of watches. I am very impressed with the packaging and the rectangular box it came in. This will allow for it to be stored individually, away from my other watches. It's a quality timepiece that gleams from my wrist and commands its own attention adding that touch of class that is always expected from a modern gentleman.

There was a time back when I was an ardent hip hop head when I was totally into the big face watches by Jacob the Jeweller and his ilk, owning one, however, was all a dream like Biggie said. Over the years, especially after reinventing my style, I gravitated towards small face, minimalist watches. Less is more, for me; and I try to reflect this in the way that I dress as well. It's no different with the Dapper Reading. It has a 38mm case, although it also comes in 40mm. For me, it's all about the inches and those two millimetres do count. The size of this one makes it manageable on my wrist and I can wear it under a shirt or another garment with sleeves without feeling any restriction or discomfort. It has Roman numerals, a date display, blue hands, however no hand for the seconds count; a first for me. This is something that might take a little getting used to because that's the sophistication that comes with such a brand.

The DW brand is reinforced on the watch such as on the time adjuster and the strap fastener. A subtle DW is inscribed with the back to front D and this adds a nice touch to the overall branding on the watch. 

My favourite feature of the watch is the rose gold finish on the case; this adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise minimalist aesthetic. Everything is just so coherent and congruent with this watch. Nothing seems out of place and it's not at all gaudy. It's a statement watch which doesn't announce its arrival from the rooftops. Something else to appreciate about the Dapper Reading is that it also comes in a silver case and an interchangeable strap. It's also rain resistant, so you can wear it in rainy weather and not be concerned about it being waterlogged or malfunctioning.

This is my first taste of the Daniel Wellington brand and I am thoroughly impressed. I can't for the day they start to expand their range and make forays into the rectangular face watches. I think those would be a hit and I will definitely be in line to purchase one. The black crocodile leather strap was my preference, however, I can't help but think that I may have lost out by not choosing the Dapper York 38mm which has a rich dark brown crocodile strap.

For readers of this blog there is a discount provided when you purchase a Daniel Wellington watch on their website. The discount code to use is mansaDW which entitles you to a 15% discount on your purchase and the discount is valid for two months from today. I also found that the ordering and delivery of the product was seamless and extremely user-friendly. After placing my order I received a notification from their customer service that my order had been received and the watch would be dispatched immediately to a courier service. Delivery took about 7 days and throughout that time I kept on receiving emails about my watch, how long it would take to deliver and on which day. This was the norm until the watch arrived at my mailing address. Exceptional customer service which really left me a satisfied and happy customer.

For your viewing pleasure head on over to the DW Instagram account; that should get you better acquainted with the brand. #danielwellington

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